Stephenville Police Department

The Stephenville Police Department’s Patrol Division is by far the most visible division of the Police Department. The Officers respond to a wide variety of calls for service; they enforce the federal, state, local and traffic laws. They conduct the initial investigations for all crimes, and write offense reports. Officers provide proactive patrols of neighborhoods, businesses and parks in any area of the City.


Patrol Officers work 12 hour shifts, and a two week rotating schedule. There are two day shifts and two night shifts, with each shift commanded by a Patrol Sergeant. Both day shifts are commanded by a day watch Lieutenant and both night shifts commanded by a night watch Lieutenant. All patrol shifts are commanded by a Patrol Captain.


The City is divided into two Districts: District 1 is on the west side and District 2 is on the east side. Each District has two Patrol Officers, the primary and the backup. Along with the Sergeant, there are five Officers on the street at any one time, with more Officers for special events.

How Calls Are Received

Each shift is aided in their duties by a team of Dispatchers. The team consists of two Dispatchers, who field all calls for service, both emergency (via 911) and non-emergency. They input information about a call into a computer aided dispatching system, and that information is then relayed to the Officers in the field. The Officers can then track the call notes through their Mobile Data Terminals in their vehicles.

Patrol Vehicles

The Stephenville Police Department uses Chevrolet Tahoes, Dodge Chargers and the new Chevrolet Caprice Police vehicles.

Special Units

Accident Investigation and Traffic Enforcement is primarily the responsibility of the Traffic Unit. The Stephenville Independent School District has a School Resource Officer assigned to handle Calls for Service on the campuses.

Patrol Departmental Directory

Asst. Chief Jason Halsey


Patrol Supervisors

Lieutenant Doug McClammy

Patrol Lieutenant

Sergeant Orlando Gaitan

Patrol Sergeant

Sergeant Marty Golightly

Patrol Sergeant

Sergeant Mike Stone

Patrol Sergeant

Sergeant Jeff Walker

Patrol Sergeant

Sergeant Steven Watts

Patrol Sergeant

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