Stephenville Police Department

The objective of the Communications Unit is to provide professional service to the citizens and visitors of Stephenville. With our twelve full time Telecommunicators we strive to provide the best and most professional services to our law enforcement officers and fire fighters. We do the best job possible to see that our local police and fire heroes are able to go home safely at the end of the day, while we also provide the best service possible.

The Communication Center is responsible for answering emergency calls for Stephenville Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Services. The center also answers non-emergency phone calls in service to the public on day to day matters. Employees have contact with the public and strive to provide excellent walk-in services to visitors at the Stephenville Police Department. These services are provided 24 hours a day, 365 days each year.

Telecommunicators at the Stephenville Police Department are trained and licensed by the State of Texas.  Many hours of training are required to become a licensed Telecommunicator. Training is a continual process as Telecommunicators must know and understand changes in policy and procedures that affect their tasks. Telecommunicators are trained to maintain their composure while dealing with life and death situations. This is a very stressful yet rewarding career.

Administrative Services Departmental Directory

Deputy Chief Jason Halsey


Support Services Division

Lieutenant James Gresham

Administrative Services Lieutenant

Dispatch Supervisor Kristi Metsgar




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